I know Simple Apothecary products work because I created them out of necessity. I use them daily and only began to sell them as friends and family found my all-natural products to work and insisted I spread the healing love. You don’t have to take my word for it though… Here is what people are saying about Simple Apothecary producs in their own words.

“I definitely would not call my husband a consumer of cannabis. And he is one of the biggest conservative skeptics of the medicinal usage of cannabis. That is until he tried Simple Apothecary’s Minty Hot Cannabis Salve. He has a knee that has caused him trouble for years. He has had injections, braces and copper promises. More than one doctor has check it out. The last verdict is inflammatory arthritis. He finally agreed to give the salve a try. After a few days he had to admit that something had finally given him some relief. It is pretty amazing that he continues to use it every day. As a matter of fact he has even told other people about it.”

– Cindi and Johnnie Freshour

“I’m a fan of the salve. It’s the first thing I reach for if I have sore muscles from yard work or hiking. I prefer using this to taking a pill any day. It helps a lot when my wife has backaches too.”

– Bryan Rogers