Cannabis Tooth Powder


Great tasting tooth powder that freshens breath, remineralizes teeth and promotes healthy gums. Free of fluoride, SLS and harsh abrasives. Dried cannabis leaves provide inactive cannabinoids to heal sensitive gums.



Cannabis Tooth Powder

*This product will NOT make you high.

Everything old is new again! Tooth powder has been making a comeback as more and more people realize how many not-so-great ingredients are in commercial products, even those bought in a health food store. Our mouth has a permeable membrane that readily absorbs things into the blood stream. Our teeth are made of a porous surface as well! Because of this we should be mindful of everything we put on, near or in our mouths. Our Cannabis Tooth Powder contains ingredients that are not only safe for your mouth, but even good for your teeth and gums. With the addition of young cannabis leaves, the Cannabis Tooth Powder also gives your gums the healing power of inactive cannabinoids such as THC-A and CBD-A.

Simple Apothecary’s Cannabis Tooth Powder contains minimal sweetener. It may take a few uses for you to get used to an all-natural tooth powder. Stick with it though and you will be rewarded with fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums!

All Simple Apothecary products are hand crafted with healing intentions in small batches. No synthetic emulsifiers are used, so natural separation may occur in higher temperatures- simply stir the product before use. No synthetic preservatives are used, so natural spoilage will occur over time. Please use within 6 months of opening. Refrigeration in warmer temperatures may help prevent spoilage.

Simple Apothecary is a small, family-owned business. All products are handcrafted in small batches, with care taken to ensure each jar is made to exacting standards and set with healing intentions. As such, we do not make large amounts of any product at one time. This occasionally means there are small delays in order fulfillment- we genuinely appreciate your patience AND your business!

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2 ounce jar, 4 ounce jar


Minty Fresh, Cinnamon, Sweet Orange


Simple Apothecary strives to use sustainably sourced ingredients, using local suppliers as much as possible. All ingredients are organic and non-GMO whenever possible.

Baking soda, calcium carbonate, xylitol, bentonite clay, Himalayan sea salt, ground cacao nibs, young cannabis leaves, trace minerals and a proprietary blend of essential oils.



Do not use if you are pregnant or under age 6. Dip a barely dampened toothbrush into the tooth powder before brushing as you  normally would. After brushing, swish the liquid in your mouth for one  minute before spitting. No need to rinse if it’s not desired. If you prefer a toothpaste, mix 1 teaspoon of tooth powder in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Spit toothpaste in the trash to avoid clogged drains.

The Back Story

Rebecca Finn, owner of Simple Apothecary, had already been using her Basic Tooth Powder for over a year when a friend asked for something for red, swollen gums. Prescription medications led to constantly inflamed and bleeding gums, and the Basic Tooth Powder wasn’t healing them as fast as he had hoped. This led Becca to wonder if there was a way to add the healing properties of cannabis to the tooth powder.

This recipe was based off the original tooth powder recipe, which already worked quite well. This is a very mildly-abrasive tooth powder that freshens breath, promotes healthy gums, AND helps keep your teeth clean and remineralized. What makes this tooth powder different is the addition of young cannabis leaves containing the inactive cannabinoids THC-A and CBD-A, both of which combat bacteria and inflammation at the gum line. This product will NOT make you high however.


(a) Simple Apothecary would like to be clear that this product contains only small amounts of THC. It would be incredibly difficult (not to mention HIGHLY inadvisable because products contain essential oils) to actually ingest large enough quantities of this product to get you “high”. Nevertheless, state law requires we tell you…

This product is for adults 21 and older only as defined by California state law.

(b) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please use caution with any new product, including those that are all-natural and plant based. 

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