Cannabis Lip and Cuticle Balm


An all-natural balm with cannabis infusion for intense healing of dry, chapped and cracked areas such as lips and cuticles.



Cannabis Lip and Cuticle Balm

*This product will NOT get you high.

Our cannabis infused lip and cuticle balm may just become your favorite everyday product. It certainly is one of Becca’s everyday favorites! The Cannabis Lip and Cuticle Balm has all of the basic ingredients of our regular Lip and Cuticle Balm contains, but has the additional healing properties of cannabis infused oils. If you haven’t done so already, please read our page on the incredible benefits of cannabinoids in topically applied products! The feel of the Cannabis Lip and Cuticle Balm is luxuriously smooth, with an almost velvety quality to it. A virtually flavorless product means less lip-licking, which promotes better lip health! We use ingredients that actually work while still being good for your body and safe to use in your home. The Basic Lip and Cuticle Balm will give your lips a lovely sheen and has an approximate SPF-10.

All Simple Apothecary products are hand crafted with healing intentions in small batches. No synthetic emulsifiers are used, so natural separation may occur in higher temperatures- simply stir the product before use. No synthetic preservatives are used, so natural spoilage will occur over time. Please use within 6 months of opening. Refrigeration in warmer temperatures may help prevent spoilage.

Simple Apothecary is a small, family-owned business. All products are handcrafted in small batches, with care taken to ensure each jar is made to exacting standards and set with healing intentions. As such, we do not make large amounts of any product at one time. This occasionally means there are small delays in order fulfillment- we genuinely appreciate your patience AND your business!

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0.5 ounce tube, 1 ounce jar


Simple Apothecary strives to use sustainably sourced ingredients, using local suppliers as much as possible. All ingredients are organic and non-GMO whenever possible.

Coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, lanolin, vitamin E oil and a proprietary blend of essential oils.

*This product contains beeswax and lanolin.

The Back Story

Rebecca Finn, owner of Simple Apothecary, created this recipe to deal with the side-effects of a vitamin B12 deficiency that resulted in deep and painful fissures in her lips. Although many of the commercial products helped to an extent, even high-quality ones from natural food stores were never enough to make her lips feel healed. Becca even tried applying her basic cannabis salve to her lips in the hopes of healing them. Although the salve worked well at healing the cracks, it wasn’t quite the right combination of moisturizers to prevent new ones from forming. This sent Becca to the kitchen for research and development on her own recipe for a lip balm.

There were two major objectives to be achieved with the creation of this recipe- soothe and heal any open wounds, while preventing the formation of any new ones. As a lip balm, the new recipe outperformed any other product tried to that point (and since!). Not to mention the balm brought a lovely, almost velvety sheen to the lips! Another lovely effect was that after a while of applying any leftovers from the lip application to dry cuticles, it proved to be just as beneficial there! The lip balm rightfully from there on out became the “Cannabis Lip and Cuticle Balm”.


(a) Simple Apothecary would like to be clear that this product contains only small amounts of THC. It would be incredibly difficult (not to mention HIGHLY inadvisable because products contain essential oils) to actually ingest large enough quantities of this product to get you “high”. Nevertheless, state law requires we tell you…

This product is for adults 21 and older only as defined by California state law.

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