About Us

Heyo! My name is Becca and I am the creator and owner of Simple Apothecary. Welcome to healing.


Where it All Began

Simple Apothecary began out of necessity- a need for all-natural products that WORKED. I was tired of the side-effects of ongoing chemical exposure in almost every commercial product I used. From hormone disruption to cancer, I was bothered. I started on a path of finding products for my body that wouldn’t cause harm to myself or to my family.

Cannabis as My Medicine

It took me a while to accept that cannabis had medicinal properties, despite having numerous friends claiming various health benefits. I kept thinking, riiiiiggghhhht, just admit you like to smoke pot...  Until I finally decided to pay attention to my own body. I found a tremendous amount of benefit to using cannabis medicinally, finding more an more uses for it as time went on. The truth is you can get high from cannabis. More truth? You can use cannabis medicinally for a wide variety of ailments WITHOUT every ingesting it and WITHOUT getting high.

Making Simple Apothecary Real

I set out originally to sell my flagship product, the Minty-Hot Cannabis Salve. With California legalized recreational cannabis use I thought it was my turn to bring this amazing product out of the shadows. Unfortunately, county and federal laws prevent me from easily selling these products to the general public. Simple Apothecary is determined to obtain the licensing needed to sell products with cannabis in them… eventually. Please be sure to request Simple Apothecary products in your local dispensary so they begin to recognize the brand. For the time being, I will only sell non-cannabis products through the Simple Apothecary website and local stores.

Thank you for your help in making my dream of Simple Apothecary real!