Simple Apothecary was created out of necessity…

After years of using pharmaceuticals and chemicals on my body to soothe irritations, pain and inflammation, I was ready for a change. What began as an endeavor to reduce the number of chemicals being used in my home as cleaning products, turned into a major shift on my outlook towards the use of commercial products as a whole. I am now committed to lifestyle that is as natural and organic as possible, questioning everything that goes on, in or around me and my family. That led me to the creation of Simple Apothecary, where I create natural plant based remedies for your body using simple ingredients. Hours of research, trial and error, frustration and ultimately delight, go into the creation of each Simple Apothecary product.

Simple Apothecary strives to use sustainably sourced ingredients, using local suppliers as much as possible. All ingredients are organic and non-GMO whenever possible.


Healing Begins Within

Science is beginning to prove what healing practitioners have known for centuries- Healing Begins Within. Each of us has the ability to begin- and even complete- our own individual healing journey. Creating and nurturing a healing mindset is not easy, especially with the constant barrage of pharmaceuticals and new sicknesses being marketed to us. However, the human mind is incredibly powerful and we can influence the energy of matter all around us. Therefore I take the time to set healing intentions on each hand-crafted small batch of products. I also encourage each and every user, despite preconceived notions, to follow directions for self-healing carefully. Be sure to read the full directions for use of the Minty-Hot Cannabis Salve.



Simple Apothecary’s Mission Statement

Simple Apothecary offers handcrafted natural remedies for your body using simple ingredients. From seed to flower and from root to leaves, our earth provides some of the most powerful sources of healing. We believe in cannabis as a medicine for the people and use it as often as possible. Our business model reflects the reverence that we show for Mother Nature as a medicine, treating everyone we encounter with compassion, respect and care. Using organic and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible, Simple Apothecary is the perfect complement to your natural lifestyle.